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This website has been created to review and rate the best news and mailing list archiving websites,  I have taken time to search the internet for these kind of website and have provided a details and unbiased review of each of them with a rating out of 10 for each website.  If you have any more sites for me to review please contact me at
(out of 10)
9.5 / 10 is a forum based mailing list archive that covers a wide range of topics, updated in real-time.  This site provides mailing list post in a ordered and structured basis allowing you to follow threads in a chronologicaly and see parent related articles in the same list.  Site navigation in helpful and information is presented in a nice readable format.  This is the best site to visit for keeping upto date with your mailing lists without requiring a email client or email reader.  Click here to visit the Answerpot website
9 / 10 is a great news archive specifically holding repositories of computer and technology related content.    The site is built in a forum type layout with a very attractive theme and simply navigation.    Each archive is categorized based on the originating newsgroup, with stats about the total number of posts in each section,   For me this is my favourite archive website because if covers computing related articles which are of personal interest to me, it does lack a search facility which I have read on the developers blog is coming soon,   Overall I rate this site highly due to the large volume of quality computing related articles, it is a treasure trove for those seeking answers to problems with Windows, Linux or any modern computing issue.  Click here to visit the Computer Archives
7 / 10 is the best site I have found to day that archives relevant arts and culture related content, whilst this may not be what you are searching for on a daily basis, I have discovered some very interesting articles about places and people that I would have otherwise never have learned about.  This site is very educational and is alot of fun to just explore around and see what others are discussing.  The sites layout and structure is logical with the latest articles on the home page and navigation between articles is simple.  If you have a few moments to explore some art and culture or are simply feeling curious I recommend spending a few moments looking around Culture Page.  Click here to visit the Culture Pages website
8 / 10 is a great website that archives newsgroup posts on sporting subjects only.  Everything from Girls basketball to professional cricket is covered here.  Conversations are writing by actual sporting professionals in the industry, this site takes you into the world of your favourite sports subjects, navigating around this site is a pleasure especially with the related articles bar which is positioned at the left side of every article, I found myself jumping between numerous football articles by clicking the related links.  A few hours had passed before I realised when clicking around this site and reading about footy and my local team,   If your interested in sports of any kind, this site will be sure to provide you some new insight and information on your favourite sports no matter what is is.  Click here to visit the Sports Pages site
7.5 / 10 - The home of music, animation, movie and entertainment related articles, this is not a downloads website or similar, it is a large archive of discussions about the creation of modern media, covering subjects such as midi music, mp3 encoding, digital video production and more.  Connect with and read discussions from professionals in the media industrys here on media pages.   The site is easy to use with latest topics on the hope page with simple navigation.  If your looking for some fun or just to read an interesting or insightful conversation, this website is well worth a visit.  Click here to visit the Media Pages website.
7 / 10 is a simply but very powerful new article archive.   This website also covers a large selection of content type and topics, the home page of NewsArc displays a list of the latest articles that have been posted into, you can drill into each article to see all of the posts created in chronologial format.  Navigating between articles is simple by virtue of large arrows at the bottom of each article to allow you to move forwards and backwards between a conversation.  Overall i'd say this site has a rather simple layout but has a very extensive set of useful resources to be mined.  Click here to visit the Newsarc website

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